Thermal Compound Advance Maintenance

Arctic Silver 5 Is One Of The Best Compounds To Use When Wanting To Keep Your Unit Running Cool Year After Year.  Eliminate Air Gaps Or Spaces (Which Act As Thermal Insulator) From The Interface Area So As To Maximize Heat Transfer Is What The Compound Is Designed To Do. A Pea Size Amount Is Placed In the Middle Of The Processor & Spreads Between That & The Heat Sink Which Sits On Top & The C PU Fan Pulls The Heat That Is Generated Form The Heat Sink. When The Compound Is Not Transferring The Heat Properly You Begin To Have Problems. Over The Years Thermal Compound Dries Up & Becomes Hard Causing The Unit To Run Hotter Than Normal & In-Turn Making The System Run Harder & Other Components Over Work. When You Hear The CPU Fan Running Hard It’s Due To Old Compound Not Doing It’s Job Or Dust Packed In The Heat Sink. This Causes The System To Over Heat & Shut Down As A Safety Precaution To Prevent Further Damage. When Applying New Compound You Want To Wipe & In Some Cases If The Compound Is Harden Scrape Away The Old With A Razor Blade From The Processor & Heat Sink & Clean Both Surfaces With Alcohol So There Is A Clean Contact Between Both. While Doing This Step You Should Also Check Your Video Chip As Well. This To Will Have Compound & It Will Have A Small Heat Shield Sitting On Top. Your GPU CPU & Video Chip All Have This Compound & Even Your Video Graphics Card Uses Thermal Compound & Should Be Checked Periodically. This Process Should Be Done Every 12 To 16 Months Depending On How Hard You Use Your Computer Performance Wise & What Type Of Thermal Compound You Use.

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