A Smokey PC 🚬

It’s generally not advisable to smoke around computers or other electronic devices. Smoking can introduce various particles and substances into the air, and these particles can settle on the surfaces of your computer equipment. Here are a few reasons why smoking around computers is discouraged:

  1. Residue Buildup: The smoke from cigarettes contains particles that can settle on surfaces, including computer components. Over time, this residue can accumulate inside the computer, leading to a buildup of dust and other contaminants. This buildup can affect the cooling system, potentially leading to overheating issues.

  2. Tar and Nicotine: Cigarette smoke contains tar and nicotine, which can leave a sticky residue on surfaces. This residue can attract dust and dirt, further contributing to the accumulation of contaminants inside the computer.

  3. Health Concerns: Smoking indoors, especially in enclosed spaces like offices or homes, can pose health risks to both the computer and the individuals present. The smoke can linger in the air and may be drawn into the computer’s cooling system, potentially affecting its performance.

  4. Yellowing of Plastics: The chemicals in cigarette smoke can cause yellowing or discoloration of plastics over time. If your computer has plastic components, exposure to smoke may impact its appearance.

To maintain the optimal performance and longevity of your computer, it’s recommended to create a clean and dust-free environment. This includes avoiding smoking in the vicinity of your computer and regularly cleaning the computer and its surroundings. If you do smoke indoors, consider doing so in a well-ventilated area away from electronic devices.


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